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Become a Capuchin Benefactor

Become a Capuchin Benefactor

Benefactors have always occupied a special place in the life of Capuchins, for our ministries and programs could not exist without your generous support. We invite you to become a Capuchin Benefactor and make a gift in support of these critical areas:
  • Caring for our elder priest and brothers
  • Formation of Capuchin Students
  • Mexico Mission Work
  • Unrestricted Operating Support

For more information, contact the Capuchin Development Office or please read more below:

Caring for Our Elder Priests and Brothers is a labor of love, and a very costly one. Currently, there are eleven friars over the age of 70, four of whom are actually “retired” in the sense that they can no longer perform ministerial duties. Currently, our average cost to care for one retired priest or brother is $36,000 per year, providing no extraordinary expenses such as assisted living or hospice are required. We estimate our annual need for retirement in the fiscal year of 2008 to range between $350,000 and $400,000.

Training and Education of Capuchins is called formation, a process that typically lasts at least eight years. We currently have a total of 31 men in formation in the United States and in Mexico. The average formation cost for each student per year is close to $15,000 in Mexico, while the cost for United States-based students averages $30,000. Our annual cost for training friars of the future is approximately $500,000 annually.

Assisting the Needy in Mexico Our current work in Northern Mexico includes working with indigenous tribes such as the Pimas as well as staffing parishes and communities throughout Northern Mexico. Our work in Mexico has been rewarded with an impressive growth in vocations. Currently our annual costs to assist our work in Northern Mexico is in excess of $500,000.

Unrestricted Operating Support Unrestricted gifts are always welcome, since they allow us to utilize your donation wherever the need is greatest. Unrestricted donations support our general operating costs – the electricity, water, text books, repair and maintenance…all the essentials that keep our programs functioning.