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Our Spirituality

Capuchin Franciscan Spirituality

The Capuchin Franciscans are a unique community of priests and brothers who live and pray together, inspired by St. Francis of Assisi. Following his guiding principles of Prayer, Fraternity and Minority, we strive to live out the Gospel of Christ following the teachings and example of St. Francis. St. Francis himself said, “I have done what is mine to do; may Christ show you what is yours.” So we Capuchins gather to pray together and ask God to direct us in the world today. Our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles help us live our Capuchin Franciscan life in Western America in the 21st century.
Our Mission:
As Capuchin Franciscans we follow St. Francis of Assisi as brothers, living the Gospel in prayer, fraternity and ministry, witnessing simply to Jesus Christ and the Church as a joyful presence of hope and salvation to all, especially to those most in need.
Our Spirituality:
The Capuchins bring to the Franciscan Family and the world a distinct expression of the Gospel. In and through our life of prayer, we strive to live out the Gospel practicing charity and embracing evangelical poverty as brothers to all.
Capuchin Virtues:

The Capuchin Franciscans seek to live out and share with the world a Gospel vision of life. Our particular call emphasizes the importance of prayer, brotherhood and poverty. We seek to live these out by lives focused on simplicity, recollection and above all charity.


Our life in Prayer
Prayer to God, as the breathing of love, has its origin from a movement of the Holy Spirit through which an interior person listens to the voice of God speaking to the heart.  Thus begins the chapter in the Constitutions which refer to the brothers' life of prayer. Prayer is an essential aspect of the life of a Capuchin Franciscan friar... and the life of any Christian for that matter!

“Prayer to God, as the breathing of love, has its origins from a movement of the Holy Spirit.” So our Constitutions remind us how vital prayer is for our life as friars, as for all Christians. We are told by St. Francis that above all we should “cultivate a spirit of holy prayer and devotion to which all temporal things should contribute.” We try to order our lives as Capuchins so that like St. Francis we may not only pray, but in fact strive to “become a living prayer.” Imagine that!

The Constitutions further urge the friars: "Let us above all cultivate a Spirit of holy prayer and devotion to which all temporal things should contribute that we may become true followers of Saint Francis who was seen not so much praying as having become a prayer."
Imagine... becoming a prayer!


Our life in Fraternity and Charity
Our life in charity leads us to live a fraternal life rooted in service to others. “And the Lord gave me brothers.” Like St. Francis, we seek to be “brothers to all people.” We live together so that we can learn to love one another, as Jesus has loved us. Following the example of St. Francis, however, we live a fraternal life that reaches out also to all our brothers and sisters, especially those in most need. In this way, through our community life and ministry we strive always to live the Gospel vision of peace, joy, and charity.


Our Life In Minority
Capuchins seek to live in an environment where all are truly equal, where no individual has power over another. This concept of minority lends itself to joyfully accepting and serving people of all walks of life, every social condition.