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CBM » Why Lord?

Why Lord?

Bro Vic feat. Lance Houck

Verse 1:

Lord, why did I curse you? Why did I hurt you?

Why did I leave and desert you?

Even though you were with me, I just didn't see

your love for me

I took life's pains, turned it around

I changed from the top-down,

became a different person, I went searchin'

for other things

that the world brings

for the sex,

it all tasted sweet like......honey

But it didn't bring happiness

It brought emptiness, bitterness, loneliness

I was the fake me, phoniness!




Lord you cleansed me inside

You gave me new life

You helped me,

You cleansed me with your Spirit


Verse 2:

Ya... I listened to the wrong track

I hung with the wrong pack

you don't

even have to do math...

to know

that I took the dark path

I cursed you, told you, that you weren't real

I drank too, smoked too, that was my deal,

You loved me Lord and I didn't love you back

It was the love you poured, when you tried to pull me back

I hit rock bottom, sad and depressed

I was distressed, I was in a mess

but you opened me wide

you cleansed me inside

you gave me new life




Yes Lord, You saved me from evil Lord

Yes Lord, You saved me from me from all the darkness Lord

Yes Lord, You are good Lord

Yes Lord, You are great Lord

The Alpha and the Omega,

the King of kings, The Lord of lords

The God of love, ladies and gentlemen

Emmanuel, God is here

Christ is Risen from the dead

He is here to save us

The Kingdom of heaven is at hand

Look no further, look no further

We thank you Lord, we praise you Lord, we bless you Lord (x3)

God you are Good, you are Great, you are Almighty

Amen y'all, peace out!