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CBM » Human Dignity

Human Dignity

Bro Vic feat. Lance Houck

Verse 1:

If you read the Bible, Jeremiah 1:5, one time

God knew us before the beginning of time

Abortion is murder! do you still need a sign?

Pre-borns have souls, and you don’t think it’s a crime?

Planned Parenthood acting as a human landmine

Killing more people than in Vietnam Wartime

We all have dignity, all part of His design

We are the branches, and He is the grapevine

Life is like a mountain we are trying to climb

We are all sinful all the reason to incline

A moment of silence for those with no lifeline (brief silence)

Turn away from darkness it’s time for us to shine

Jesus is the light who dispels the dark times

We are the redeemed saved by the Divine

He died on the cross to save us from the Feline

So now let’s repent for the rest of our lifetime hey!



We all Have Dignity! Yeaa!

Human Dignity! Yeaaa!

We all Have Dignity! Yeaa!

Human Dignity! Yeaaa!



Verse 2:


Shout out to the babies all across the world

who didn't even get a chance to be in this world

they couldn't breath in this world

they couldn't see in this world

they didn't even get a chance to take a step in this world


There is no limit

to God's love, it's never finished

it's a privilege

we're made in His likeness and image

despite our crimes and our sinnin'

God loves all men and women

God loves all people, not just Christians

Transcending religion




Verse 3:


We are all blinded,

Our hatred dividing, instead of loving each other

We turn to killing and fighting


We look at our skin, we look at the color

We don't look at the facts, we are sisters and brothers


Of this world

Look inside every single person there's a pearl

Shining like the surface of a diamond when its twirled

Don't you know that you are important?

There is no price, to your life, it is worth a fortune


CHORUS 3 (x2)