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Prayer Warrior, Christian Soldier

Bro Vic

CHORUS (Bro Vic):

I'm a prayer warrior

devil destroyer

Christian soldier

I Rep the Christ

The Bread of Life

All my life


Verse 1:

Be the salt of the earth

Devil watch out, this is heaven's turf (this my home!)

Christ is the light, blinding your sight

making ways right (the Way!)

Full of power and might

Higher than kites

Higher than height

Devil take flight

no need to fight

get outta my sight

Look! (get out!)

straight trippin', the devil's slippin'

soft like a puppy or lil' kitten

Acting like Christ that's how I'm livin'

Dunking on the devil like I'm Blake Griffin (oh me, oh my!)


You heard me, the Holy Ghost stirs me

I serve only God, His love in me burning (only Him!)

bursting, His love emerging

surging, like a wave surfing, Brah!




Verse 2:

Christ is my armor

putting on Him

I am made stronger

Love is my breastplate

guarding my heart

I'm refusing to spit hate

Hope is my sword

in light of despair

I will wage war

Faith is my helmet

if I have this

belief I will transmit


God is all I need, On His grace I feed

free for you and me, God loves you and me,

I will totally, trust in God you see

He pastures His sheep....What?!


from all sin He frees (frees!)

The cold hearts unfreeze (sheesh!)

demons retreat (Leave!)

devil take a seat (Sit!)