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Saints on Deck

Bro Vic

Verse 1:

Petition my patron saint

I pray to Saint Paul hey (I do)

I pray to Him and I pray to God

to help me everyday (all day)

Please help me Lord that I never go back (naw!)

to my past life when I wasn't on track (naw!)

Just Carry me Father

Put me on your back! (your back!)


Put me on your back, your back, your back, your back, your back! (your back, your back!)

Put me on your back, like a Joe Montana quarterback throwback (retro)

the devil's prowling, he angry at me, he's at me shouting! (he's at me!)

He's trying to get me back, call it a hijack, temptation mounting!




We got Saints on Deck (deck!) (saints on deck)

Making saints up in here (in here!) (in here)

And I call on them all (uh uh uh uh!) (che che che!)

Heaven feels so near (near!) (cuh cuh!)

The Communion of Saints (Saints!)

Praying up a whole storm (whole storm) (cuh cuh cuh cuh)

The Communion of Saints (Saints)

On your side in dis war (dis war) (ge!)



Verse 2:

Man does not live on bread alone

The Word's in me down to the bone

The Word talks to me like I'm on da phone

my life is not mine, it's on loan

It's all God's, it's all His,

my fam, my friends, my crib

my blood, my sweat, my tears

For Him that's all I live (hey!)


This ain't a joke, this ain't a game

since Christ came, he healed my pain,

He gave me life, restored my name

Eternal life, that's what I gained (hey!)


Saints on Deck from da North Side

Evil come out from da South Side

That's what we call da weak side

It'll only get you a cheap high

cuz it's full of pain and a big lie!


And it ain't gonna help you

The only one who can

are the saints all above you

John, James, and Andrew,

Philip and Matthew,

The whole crew, they got you, brotha

Don't forget the Blessed Mother,

I'm talking about Mary man

But don't forget Mary Magdalene


Even though we sin

We got God on our side

with saints we win dude





Verse 3:


I got stacks on deck my dude, I got my cheese up (swiss!)

I ain't talkin' about money, no visa (ching ching!)

I sprintin' to the saints, I'm running like a cheetah (wow)

I look up to the sky, soarin' like an eagle

deagle, I'm packin' prayers like I'm strapped up (strapped)

the saints come to my help from the rafters (ya)

they come in clutch, like Derozan from the Raptors (Demar)

they intercede and they pray to the Master


I'm talkin' bout', Our Lord Almighty

He shinin' brightly

through Jesus Christ,

In the Holy Spirit

through the saints we see it


We got saints, on saints, on saints, on saints, on saints! (Saints on Saints!)

they prayin' for us, they prayin' for us hey! (okay!)

Life up your heart up there (uh-huh)

give to them all your cares (ye)

even though we in warfare (ya)

keep your eyes up there and stare

at em....Saints

at em ...Saints

at em....Saints

at em Saints, Saints, Saints, Saints, Saints!