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Friar Swagg

Bro Vic feat. Bro Niko

Verse 1:

I got sandals on my feet

Got a chord on my waist

Got a hood on my head

Got a beard on my face


I got brown on my chest

I got brown on my back

I wear brown everyday

as a matter of fact



that is my swag

I gave my life to God

I'm not trying to brag


keep the day sanctified

I got the rosary on my side

saying prayers in my mind

stop, pause, rewind,

pray it one more time

pray it til the sun goes down

into the nighttime


ya, this is the life that I was called to

it ain't a job, it's a calling, God calls you

you don't earn it, you don't deserve it

you are asked to be a servant of the One you are to worship

going against the current

don't let the world be your verdict

your judge is the One, Who is perfect

the One who gives you purpose




This is my life

I gave Him my life

I am a friar for the rest of my life


I look up in the sky

gazing so high

I give witness to Him and I testify that...


Verse 2:

I testify that I gave God my life

despite all the pains, despite all the strife

it's good, all good

If you follow Christ, it should

produce fruit even though you might not see it

ripe fruit even though it's outta season

God loves you and this is the reason

to follow Him, so don't be a heathen

do right not wrong, this is true freedom

True fulfillment lies in doing the will of the Lord

cut yourself from sin like an umbilical cord

What is your purpose? What are you living for?

Which way you wanna go? The choice is only yours.




Verse 3:

Many are called, and yet few are chosen

to give your life to God, ya you gotta be all in

Ain't no fold in the life

keep the goal in your sight

I heard you call in the night

Christ the Lord is my light


My Lord and my God

My God and my all (my all!)

Such as powerful gift

To answer the call

He called me to serve

Through my sin and my strife

Finna do all for Christ

Finna give him my life (leggo!)