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The Fall

Bro Vic feat. Bro Niko & Faithful

Verse 1:

Trying to stay down on my knees

To get the power of the King

I was getting drunk in the club

Aimed to live my life with lust

Then the final moment came

And I held the gun up to my head

I knew I was alive

Cuz the trigger never moved

God performed a miracle

The blood was of Jesus Christ (blood, blood, blood, blood!)

Then light shined down with love

Gun down, I sucked it up

I got up transformed

Heart to God, Re-born! (ya!)

And early in the morn, I said, “God I want more!” (I want more!)

Cuz even when I took a fall

God was there for me

That's why I talk, walk, pray

live life for the King

God is my present help

A gift of life I did not earn (Thank you Jesus!)

That's why I talk, walk,

walk to the talk of God's grace!



The King of kings, the Lord of lords

My Lord God, We all adore

Your blood was poured, so we could soar

Higher than bird, higher than planes, higher than all thangs


Verse 2:

They used to call me, Young Vic

My soul was dirty, my soul was sick (uhhhh!)

even though, my flow was gold,

my heart was iron, my heart was cold,

what is a goon to a troll? (What?)

Lower than a mole in a hole (What?)

Lower than a scum in pond brewing with some waste growing on some mold

I lived for myself (I lived for myself) I did what I felt!

I did what I felt!

my flesh was on fire, my skin was smoking I was burning in hell!

In need of some help, I fell to the floor, got down and I knelt

I opened my heart, I looked up to heaven and said...

If you're there God, then show me! (show me!)

If you're there God, then hold me! (hold me!)

My faith is dead, if you know me! (you know!)

I feel so lost, so lonely! God!

Then he unveiled the curtains, He existed for certain

Then he busted me open (braaaa!)

He cleansed me inside, He gave me a purpose, He gave me new life