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Modern-Day Martyrs

Bro Vic feat. Lance Houck

Verse 1:

World-wide crisis, call it ISIS

spreading like a human virus

evil rises, enormous sizes

can someone knock it out like Tyson?


They're chopping, their dicing

Christians their splicing

The devil's conniving

Under God's name, disguising, uhhhhhh!


He's evil, deceitful,

prince of lies, ugly weasel

his tricks can be lethal

causing death like dirty needles


But God is here to save his people (He is!)

Under His wings just like an eagle (Ya!)

Trust in God there is no equal



In God I Trust, My Hope is in Him

My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

My Lord, My God, In God, I Trust (x4)


Verse 2:


Murders in Syria, Nigeria

What is the criteria?

Christians in the area?

Causing mass hysteria


ISIS growing like bacteria

But we ain't afraid of ya

Cuz God's on our side, ya!


Keep your head up

Out of the water

Trust in the Lord

He is your Father

He understands

Lamb to the Slaughter

Seed of the Christians

Modern-day Martyrs




My Lord, My God, In God, I Trust (x8)