Capuchin Franciscans Western America Province

Provincial Christmas Greeting & Prayer

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Family and Friends:
On behalf of all the friars of the Western America Province of Our Lady of Angels I would like to wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a Blessed New Year. You will all be remembered in my Christmas Mass and in my prayers. May the Peace that Emmanuel came to bring to our hearts burst into blossom within you and bear good fruit in your works of mercy during this New Year.
God bless you and your dear families +
Your Capuchin brother,
Fr. Harold
Provincial Minister

A Christmas Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Just as your star guided the shepherds and Magi to the stable in Bethlehem, we ask that Your light guide us again this Christmas. We come with adoration and gratitude, as we kneel before the manger of Your only-begotten Son. Help us to rejoice in Your love that You so faithfully renew in us day by day and send forth Your Spirit this Christmas to soften our hearts once more.

O Father, help us to share Your love with others, especially the needy in spirit, soul, and body. Help us to take the time, especially with our loved ones, to look into their eyes, to hear the message of their hearts sometimes hidden behind their words, and to appreciate the deep worth of each person who crosses our path.

Help us also take time to seek You in the quiet of our hearts, homes, and churches. Watch over our loved ones near and far, especially those who protect us at home and abroad. Bring peace to every part of our world, every room of our homes, and every corner of our hearts.

Dear Jesus, may You be born again in us this day. Amen.